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- Revised Standards for Medicine, 2017

Programmes Assessed by the CAAM-HP

The accreditation process is initiated upon the submission of a formal request by a school desirous of having their programme accredited. A programme is evaluated for initial accreditation only at the invitation of the chief executive officer of the sponsoring institution. The institutions listed below have done so and have had their education programmes assessed by CAAM-HP.

Schools with programmes assessed by the CAAM-HP have been reminded to be very precise when publishing their accreditation status. Any public announcement - written or oral - about a programme's accreditation status as determined by CAAM-HP must be accurately stated and should be given in full, i.e., if the strengths of the programme are being highlighted then the areas of non-compliance with accreditation standards must also be highlighted. The period of accreditation must also be stated.

Schools with CAAM-HP Assessed Programmes

Medical Schools

# School Name Status Last Updated Details
1. All American Institute of Medical Sciences, Jamaica Initial Provisional Accreditation Withdrawn July 2016
2. American University of Antigua College of Medicine, Antigua & Barbuda Accredited with Conditions, 2014-2017 July 2016
3. Avalon University School of Medicine, Curacao Not Accredited July 2016
4. British International University (BIU), Montserrat Accreditation Withdrawn July 2009
5. Global University Schools of Medicine and Public Health (GU-MED), Turks and Caicos Initial Provisional Accreditation Withdrawn July 2015
6. International American University (IAU) College of Medicine, St Lucia Not Accredited July 2016
7. Ross University School of Medicine, Dominica Accredited with Conditions, 2014-2018 July 2016
8. Saint James School of Medicine, Anguilla Initial Provisional Accreditation extended with probation for one year, 2016-2017 July 2016
9. Spartan Health Sciences University School of Medicine, St. Lucia Provisional Accreditation Extended, 2016-2018 July 2016
10. St. George's University (SGU) School of Medicine, Grenada Accredited with Conditions, 2015-2019 July 2016
11. The University of the West Indies (UWI) School of Medicine(Multi-campus) Accredited with Conditions, 2016-2018 July 2016
12. Trinity School of Medicine, St Vincent Provisional Accreditation, 2015-2017 July 2016
13. University of Guyana School of Medicine, Guyana Provisional Accreditation Withdrawn July 2015
14. University of Science, Arts and Technology (USAT), Monsterrat Not Accredited June 2012
15. Vanguard University School of Medicine, Monsterrat Initial Provisional Accreditation Withdrawn July 2015
16. Windsor University School of Medicine, St. Kitts Not Accredited July 2015
17. Xavier University School of Medicine, Aruba Provisional Accreditation Extended, 2016-2018 July 2016

Veterinary Schools

# School Name Status Last Updated Details
1. The University of the West Indies (UWI) School of Veterinary Medicine Accredited with Conditions, 2016-2020 July 2016

Dental Schools

# School Name Status Last Updated Details
1. The University of the West Indies School of Dentistry, Mona Campus, Jamaica Provisional Accreditation for 2 years, 2016-2018 July 2016
2. The University of the West Indies School of Dentistry, St Augustine Campus, Trinidad Accreditation on Probation Extended, 2016-2018 July 2016


  1. It has been brought to the attention of CAAM-HP that some medical schools claim to be adhering to CAAM-HP's accreditation standards. The Authority wishes to make it clear that references to the use of CAAM-HP's Standards SHOULD NOT be interpreted to mean that the CAAM-HP has accredited or approved these programmes. The programmes assessed and accredited by the CAAM-HP are listed in the accreditation list below.
  2. CAAM-HP is not a registering body for medical practitioners. CAAM-HP's recommendations to medical practitioner registering bodies re examinations are based on the results of the accreditation survey process and reports. CAAM-HP in its accreditation process and decisions does not make comparisons between schools. Any medical school which has been accredited for four years or less will have conditions attached. The conditions vary from school to school. CAAM-HP will not normally state the conditionalities on the website, but reserves the right to do so should any school publish misleading information to the public.
  3. The maximum period for accreditation without conditions is 5-7 years depending on the length of the programme.
  4. Schools which have been granted Initial Provisional Accreditation as a Developing New School, must start the programme within two years or the accreditation status is withdrawn. New schools will be monitored on a yearly basis to ensure that their education programme is being carried out as approved.
  5. It is a requirement, as part of CAAM-HP's monitoring of CAAM-HP accredited programmes that schools submit annual progress reports detailing how any identified areas of concern are being addressed. The CAAM-HP, on the basis of such reports, may make further determinations on the accreditation status of these programmes.

Revised Standards for Medicine

Successful NCFMEA Comparability Determination Exercises in 2016

10th Anniversary Conference

International Recognition Granted!

Lebanese American Medical Association (LAMA)

The CAAM-HP hereby advises that it has had no association with the Lebanese American Medical Association (LAMA) in the accreditation of Trinity School of Medicine in St Vincent or Xavier University School of Medicine in Aruba or any other school in the Caribbean nor has it had any relationship with LAMA in any other matter. Also, CAAM-HP does not coordinate accreditation visits on behalf of any other body. The named schools have had their medical education programmes assessed by CAAM-HP in keeping with its remit. CAAM-HP coordinates its accreditation and other activities internally without any affiliation with any other body unless otherwise disclosed.
November 02, 2016

Unauthorised Representation

The public is hereby advised that CAAM-HP has not authorized any accreditation body or individual to make representation on its behalf in any other fora whether regionally or internationally.
December 4, 2014

Use of CAAM-HP Standards

The Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and Other Health Professions (CAAM-HP) has been made aware of claims that its Standards are being used by other accreditation bodies to evaluate medical education programmes located in their countries. Read more.

CAAM-HP wishes to make it clear that such accreditation exercises CANNOT be interpreted to mean that the CAAM-HP has accredited or approved these programmes. Programmes assessed and accredited by the CAAM-HP, with its independent international mechanisms, are listed on CAAM-HP's website.

Any further enquiries or uncertainty about the validity of accreditation exercises claiming the approval of CAAM-HP should be directed to the CAAM-HP Secretariat.

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Dated: September 9, 2009